Tellurian Wines

Nero d’Avola 2022

Nero d’Avola works beautifully in our warm Heathcote climate. Grown extensively in Sicily, where it has seen an emerging market focused on quality single variety releases rather than the blends of the past, Our Nero D’Avola is crafted as a youthful, vibrant, medium-bodied style, helped by the grapes versatility. The lush fruit notes of red cherry and plum, held together by soft tannins create a lovely, light bodied summer drinking style.



Hand picked form our Tellurian vineyard growing in Cambrian soils formed over 500 million-years. Deep, rich, decomposed greenstone rock and limestone with soil depths up to 2m allow roots to reach deep, while relatively low fertility controls vigour and yield.


Due to the continuing La Nina weather pattern the 2022 season started out well with good winter and spring rainfall and mild temperatures. By mid-late November the rain had diminished and things started to dry out. As in 2021 from December through to the start of harvest in late February there was very little rainfall, helping to create smaller bunches of increased intensity.


Our approach with Nero D’Avola is very gentle in the winery to allow expression of tannins without getting too tannic. Hand picked grapes de-stemmed and fermented cool in open fermenters with 20 days on skins. Hand plunged or pneumatic plunged 1-2 times per day. Wine pressed and matured in seasoned French oak barrels for 8 months prior to filtration and bottling.